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Over 232,000 pilgrims have come from Europe, America and Australia

Jeddah, August 14, 2019

As many as 232,652 pilgrims have come from Europe, America and Australia, according to their tuwafa establishment, Saudi Gazette reports.

The establishment said the pilgrims have come from 75 countries spanning over five continents.

It said a total of 186,334 pilgrims have come from Europe consisting of 82,784 from Turkey, 23,843 from Britain, 23,789 from Russia, 13,554 from France and 4,166 from Holland.

The Private Tuwafa Establishment for Pilgrims from Turkey, Europe, America and Australia said 17,354 pilgrims hailed from North America —14,118 from the US and 3,236 from Canada.

The establishment said 24,603 pilgrims have come from five Central Asian counties — 7,456 from Uzbekistan, 6,015 from Kyrgyzstan, 5,869 from Tajikistan, 3,026 from Kazakhstan and 2,237 from Turkmenistan.

It revealed that as many as 3,897 pilgrims have come from four countries in Australian continent — 3,347 from Australia, 390 from New Zealand, 157 from Fiji and three from Solomon Islands.

According to the establishment, a total of 370 pilgrims have come from 10 Central American and Caribbean countries — 312 pilgrims from Trinidad and Tobago and 24 from Barbados.

Only four pilgrims have come from South America — three from Venezuela and one from Brazil.

The other Latin American countries were absent from the Haj this year.

Chairman of the establishment, Tariq Anqawi, said all the pilgrims have successfully completed their Haj rites.

He said the establishment has set up 57 field offices to serve them.


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