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The oldest Russian mosque will be opened soon

Ufa, October 25, 2019

The minarets of Khakimov mosque in Ufa were fixed with crescents, OTR reports. The Muslim holy place, that is built more than a century ago, is gradually gaining its former appearance. The restoration of the mosque lasts almost 20 years.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the Spiritual Department of Muslims of Russia, as well as religious figures from other countries. Khakimov Mosque is a monument of history and architecture with a long history. It served as a mosque only for about 20 years - until the 1930s, when the Soviet government banned all religions, and ordered to demolish all the minarets.

The restoration of the mosque was started by Muslim public organizations. This year one of the private companies in Ufa decided to assist as well.

“For about seven years the reconstruction of the mosque was stopped. We are neighbors and, in general, we are for the restoration of the old beautiful buildings, and we decided to participate in the restoration of the mosque and land improvement. ”, Rim Bikmaev, head of the “Art Square” city center said.

After installing the crescents, the participant performed the prayer in the mosque. In the near future, the reconstruction will be completed and the mosque will be opened for prayers.



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