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Nutritionist: Halal foods are good for everyone

Moscow, August 24, 2022

Halal products are becoming more and more popular among adherents of a healthy diet. People who are not familiar with Islam mistakenly believe that the concept of halal is exclusively religious and is not appropriate to the representatives of other faiths. However, halal products are produced to high quality standards and are healthy for many reasons.

Nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina told Yamal-Media that people of all faiths and atheists as well can use halal products, there are no prohibitions.

“The centuries-old traditions of Islam have contributed to the survival and prosperity of the culture of many peoples,” the expert said.

According to Mariyat Mukhina, halal products have become popular among adherents of healthy and dietary nutrition. They are produced to high quality standards and in accordance with the centuries-old traditions of Islam.

“Blood as a source of infection must be removed. The way of slaughtering the animal is important as well. It must be carried out without injury or suffering. Moreover, the animal should not even see how other animals are slaughtered. Because stress hormones remain in the blood of the animal, and are practically not destroyed when meat is cooked. Eating the meat of an animal that suffered before death has a detrimental effect on the human cardiovascular and nervous systems,” the nutritionist said.



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