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New Muslim Education Center Opens in Tatarstan

Kazan, September 6, 2019

A Muslim educational center named after the Tatar theologian Ahmadzaki Safiullin was opened in Tatarstan on Thursday. The event was attended by the mufti of the republic Kamil Hazrat Samigullin who led the opening ceremony.

“We need to establish not only mosques, but also Muslim educational centers for the believers of our republic. It is of great importance nowadays for those who do not attend mosques and still are spiritually illiterate and uneducated”, said Samigullin, the chairman of the Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan.

According to the mufti, the new madrassah will help to raise God-fearing and educated children. “We need madrasahs both as we need water and air, since the road to Paradise without religious knowledge can be very difficult”, said the mufti.

The construction of the Ahmadzaki Safiullin educational center began in 2001. The area of the building is ​​1800 square meters. There will be classrooms, a library, and a dormitory for 60 people.

The center will provide classes of the Quran, the Arabic language and courses on the program of the Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan. In addition to spiritual and educational programs for adults and children, the center will offer such services as holding Nikah ceremonies (weddings), performing collective prayers, and organizing various meetings and events.

Moreover, there is a museum-exhibition in the center dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding Tatar theologian Ahmadzaki Safiullin.


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