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New mosque under construction in Crimea

Construction of new mosque is underway in the village of Beloglinka (in Crimean-Tatar Aktachi-Kiyat) in Simferopol district. The building area sized ​​18m to 12m is located on the land of 30 acres allocated for the mosque and Islamic center.
At present, the walls of the ground floor are being erected, the seismic belt is installed, and soon the workers will start the construction of the second floor, where balcony for women will be located.
Meanwhile, local Muslims conduct collective prayers in a temporary prayer room, which is located on the territory of the site.
The religious construction is built on the donations of compatriots. Funds however, are still needed for the construction. The Muftiate of Crimea appeals to compatriots with request to render all possible assistance in the construction of the mosque. 

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