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New issue of "Al-Salam" newspaper is now available

The new issue of spiritual and educational newspaper "As-Salam" is now published.

Source : | 24 Jul 2013

The new issue of spiritual and educational newspaper "As-Salam" is now published. It provides much useful information about religion in Russia and around the world.

The featured article of the newspaper is "Advertising and Islam." It assesses the methods of advertisement production which are popular in nowadays. The author has developed norms based on Sharia rules and which must be observed by advertisers.

Readers will be able to learn about the life of one of the most prominent companions of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) - Abdurrahman ibn `Awf (may Allah be pleased with him). He was one of the first who converted to Islam and was delighted with the news of Paradise.

With the beginning of summer many Muslims forget about the importance of hiding the 'awrah. It concerns not only women but also men, who walk around in shorts above the knee. This problem, unfortunately, is very actual in nowadays; because of it we have written an article "The heat is not a reason for sin."

Friday is a weekly festival for Muslims. This day has many advantages and merits. There is a special time when God answers supplication of faithful during this day. However, this time was hidden from us. Readers will be able to read about Sunnats and Adabs of this day in the article under the headline "Murid, do not forget about the etiquette of the Friday day ".

The Institute of Theology and International Relations as every institution of higher education, actively conducts scientific work, participates in various conferences and scientific seminars, workshops and presentations. Rector of the institute Yarahmed Khanmagomedov and Vice President Muhammad Zagid Sadikov participated in the international seminar "Prospects of the development of theological education - a look into the future" at the end of June in Moscow. More on this you will be able to learn from an interview with the rector of the institution Yarakhmed Khanmagomedov" "Our institute has confirmed high quality of education ... "

There are pages which are devoted to readers’ questions, children and women, as well as other informative and analytical materials about the actual problems of the Muslims.



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