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New government in Kyrgyzstan

Three-party coalition collapsed on Wednesday when the Fatherland party withdrew citing mistrust in the prime minister.

Source : World Bulletin / 22 Mar 2014

Kyrgyzstan's Social Democrat Party (SDPK) has been assigned to form a new government by President Almazbek Atambayev, after the coalition government collapsed Wednesday when a partner withdrew from the government.

The government, which had been formed 18 months ago, fell when Ata Meken (Fatherland) Party withdrew from the coalition citing a "loss of trust" in Prime Minister Zhantoro Satybaldiyev.

President Atambayev entrusted the Social Democrat Party's Deputy Chairman Chynybay Tursunbekov to form the government before April 11.

The former government, a three-party coalition made up of SDPK, Ata Meken and Ar-Namis (Dignity) Party, was the longest-standing one since the violent uprising in April 2010.

The president called on the parties, which will participate in the new government to start with a probe on corruption allegations, which undermined Satybaldiyev's administration. 


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