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New course for women "My family" begins in the Crimea

The Muftiyat of Crimea began to offer a new course especially designed for local women, Menim Alem (My Family). The course was developed within the framework of the religious and educational project of the Spiritual Administration of the Crimea's Muslims “Faydaly Ilim”.
The author of the project and the teacher of the course Zeyneb Bairova is the head of the all-Crimean educational project “Faydaly Ilim”, a member of the Association of Psychological Aid to Muslims, a member of the International Association of Islamic Psychology.
According to Zeyneb Bairova, the program of the course “Menim ail” (My Family) includes family law in Islam and the psychology of family relations.
“This course is designed for those who want to improve the quality of family life, want to better understand themselves in relationships, better understand their spouse and learn how to properly respond to troubles in their husband’s behavior, raise children properly, without affecting marital relations, and also explore the intimate sphere of marital relations in a personal marriage and find ways to improve the quality of marital relations,” Zeyneb Bairova said.
All women are invited to enroll in the course “Menim ail”, regardless of their marital status.

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