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“Muz-TV” Ex-CEO to make a mosque from his house

Kazan, August 26, 2022

Russian media manager, ex-head of Muz-TV, Arman Davletyarov, announced his decision to make a mosque from his late mother’s house. There children will also have chance to study the basics of Islam, NUR.KZ reports. Davletyarov said that his mother lived happily in this house.

"This is our ancestral home. I was born and raised in this courtyard. I demolished our old house and built another one for my mother, with all the facilities inside, a bathhouse, a summer kitchen and an outbuilding in the yard. Here she lived her last years. Therefore, I decided to give the house to Muslim Religious Administration of our region. It will be a mosque named after Aiman ​​Davletyarova. Anyone can pray here, and they will also teach the Koran and the basics of Islam to children. There are no more mosques neither in our village, nor in the neighborhood around. That is why this mosque will be very useful for people,” Arman wrote on his page on social network.

The media manager noted that this decision was agreed with his mother during her lifetime and she was very happy.



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