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Muslims in Nizhnekamsk gathered to commemorate the life of Imam Abu Hanifa

Nizhnekamsk, December 3, 2019 

The event named “Abu Hanifa - the keeper of the Prophet’s heritage”, dedicated to the values ​​of the Hanafi madhhab, was held at the Nur Mosque in Nizhnekamsk on December 3. It gathered about 100 people. Among them were students visiting Islamic courses at the mosque, as well as teachers and ordinary parishioners.

The head teacher of the women's education department of the Nur Mosque, Fanziya Akhmetshina, addressed the guests with a welcoming speech. Akhmetshina focused on the values ​​of traditional Islam noticing the importance of following the madhhab, the press office of Muslim Religious Administration of the republic of Tatarstan reports.

During the meeting the Islamic teachers read out the instructions on the life and heritage of Imam al-A’zam, and showed videos about Abu Hanifa as well.

The event ended with a tea party. The guests made dua for teachers, imams, mentors, relatives and friends and asked the Almighty with a request for a barakat (blessing) in the implementation of knowledge they gained.


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