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Muslim scholars are called to fight the spread of extremist ideas among the youth

Grozny, July 8, 2019

Mufti of the Chechen Republic Salah-Haji Mezhiyev held a meeting with the qadiys and imams of the districts from all over the republic. He called the Islamic scholars of the region to focus on the conversations with young muslims and try to explain them the danger of extremist ideas that can lead one to self-destruction.

“Everyone knows that killing of one person in Islam is equal to the killing of all mankind”, noted Salah haji.

The mufti also asked qadiys and imams of the mosques to do their work sincerely, educate people and warn them against the forbidden, organize work with children in all the spheres including culture, traditions and customs of the Chechen people, as well as to control the order of rites and services in mosques during the Friday obligatory prayer.

In the end of the speech Salah-Haji Mezhiyev announced the upcoming international competition for reading the Holy Quran and poems dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad that will take place in Chechnya in the nearest future.


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