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Mufti of Tatarstan gave interview to German journalists

Mufti of Tatarstan, Kamil Hazrat Samigullin, received journalists from Germany's ZDF TV channel for an interview in connection with the forthcoming FIFA 2018.
One of the most famous journalists and TV presenters in Germany, the chief editor of the ZDF information service, Mattis Fornoff, is in Russia for a documentary dedicated to the host country of the World Football Championship.
Kamil Hazrat Samigullin briefed the journalist about Kazan as the center of multiculturalism and the northern capital of the Islamic world, which for many centuries has given mankind an example of peaceful co-existence of different religions.
"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were 24 mosques functioning in Kazan, today there are more than 1500 mosques throughout the Republic of Tatarstan," Kamil Hazrat said, answering the question about the development of Islam in the region.
"The secret of peaceful coexistence of different peoples and different religions in one territory lies in the correct understanding of Islam, which our ancestors bequeathed to us.
We in the Republic understand: the problem of one religious community will certainly affect all others. It's like living in your own apartments, but having common housing communications. We live in the same house! Finally, when a person urgently needs a blood transfusion, it is checked in accordance with the Rh factor and the group, but not on religious or national grounds."
The journalist also asked the mufti about the anti-extremist activity of the Muftiyat of Tatarstan. Kamil Hazrat replied: "Terrorists hide under the guise of Islam, and we suffer first of all from this - the Muslims." The most important task in ideological confrontation with extremists is seen in the development of the religious education system. There are 9 madrassas, the Russian Islamic Institute and the Bulgarian Islamic academy - all of them carry out their activities with the goal of preparing their own religious personnel within the framework of the Hanafi madhhab, the Maturidic creed and the national-political realities of that area in which we live."
At the end of the interview Mattis Fornoff asked Kamil Hazrat: "If you had the opportunity to address world spiritual leaders, what would you say to them?".
"I would advise them to follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad" the head of Tatarstan's Muslims replied.
"When we follow our contemporaries, we can make mistakes in them just as they may be mistaken in their beliefs. All the laws of life have long been known: they are contained in the traditions of our ancestors. They must be preserved and observed. And most importantly: today it is important not to fight for religion, write books about it or talk about its merits. Religion should become our way of life."

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