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Mufti of Kazakhstan attended opening of mosque

Mufti of Kazakhstan attended opening of mosque

Source : / 2 Apr 2013

Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan - Yerzhan Haji Malgazhiuly attended the opening of a new mosque of Saryagash district, reports.

Despite the heavy rain, there were many people who wanted to get acquainted with mufti and congratulate him. In his speech, Yerzhan Haji Mayamerov spoke about the role of the mosque in the way of harmony and unity of people:

"Is there a greater happiness than to build a mosque? Our Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, said that for the man who builds a mosque in this world, Allah will build a house in Paradise. Let the mosque become a model of morality and piety. Prayer performed at a mosque, brings more reward. Therefore, we must hurry to the mosque to worship in the House of Allah. Dear brothers, we live in a time of peace.

Everyone has a right to believe in Allah. Gone tare he atheistic times, when our ancestors were forced to secretly worship Allah. Now we have a freedom of choice, when you can get Islamic knowledge. Our country was under oppression but now, thank Allah, no one can prohibit us to go to the mosque and perform salah there. We should appreciate this independence, and try to become best slaves of Allah, be humble and God-fearing. "

At the end of the event, the supreme mufti gave Holy Quran to Imam of the new mosque, and then gathered perform a welcome prayer and made du'a.                                           


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