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Mosques of Ingushetia to stand up for environmental protection

Magas, December 25, 2019

Muslim clergy in Ingushetia plans to launch the Green Month initiative including reading of sermons at mosques of the region dedicated to the environment in order to develop environmental awareness in local people through religion. According to the head of the project Adam Kalimatov, the initiative was figured out during the International Ecological Forum, which took place in a mountainous region of Ingushetia, TASS agency writes. Before starting the initiative, the organizers plan to compose a training manual for imams of mosques.

According to Kalimatov, the centre plans to hold lessons on the basics of religion for school teachers. In addition, the centre is considering ideas to strengthen the fight against illegal logging.

“We received various ideas from young eco activists both in the republic and regions of the country and abroad. We have an idea to equip foresters with GPS trackers that will track violators in the forest. In addition, it is proposed to use video recorders for full video recording of patrols and detected violations, as well as to use in the work of foresters flying drones, which will quickly detect a violation and catch the “black lumberjack” in the act”, added Kalimatov.


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