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Mosque "Lala-Tulpan" included in the list of Russian symbols

"Lala-Tulpan" mosque

Source : / 17 Jun 2014

The list of architectural symbols, which make up the cultural background of Russian megacities, was published on website. The list includes both ancient and modern buildings, except sights located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. "We have tried to collect interesting objects, which are preserved or newly built in the administrative centers of the other regions," - said on the portal.

As a result, the list of architectural symbols included a mosque, "Lala-Tulip", which located in Ufa. The mosque has three floors. Height of the two minarets, built in the form of buds of tulips, is 53 meters. The mosque can accommodate 1000 believers.

Besides the mosque it was also included the Tatar State Theatre "Nur", which also located in Ufa.


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