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Moscow police helped a Muslim woman in labour

Moscow, January 17, 2020

Policemen in Odintsovo district of the Moscow Region saved a Muslim woman in hijab from giving birth to her baby in a car, the press office of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow region reported.

A man came to the police officers, Dmitry Lakhinin and Vitaliy Yatsenko, and explained that he had a pregnant wife in his car, which went into labour and urgently needed medical help.

Traffic inspectors wasted no time and immediately got the woman to the nearest maternity hospital on their car.

Thanks to the light and sound signals installed on the police car, the woman arrived to the hospital on time. They had not any difficulties on their way, and just in 30 minutes the Muslim woman gave birth to a healthy baby.

The police officers came to visit and congratulate the parents of a child, and presented them with a baby car seat. In turn, happy parents sincerely thanked the police inspectors for their assistance in such a difficult life situation.


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