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Moscow Muslims and Orthodox played a football match

February 24, an unusual friendly match between the representatives of the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy and Muslim Religious Administration of the Moscow Region was held at the Kratovo training complex in the Ramensky district of Moscow.

The initiative to hold a tournament belongs to the regional Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports. “It is the first time when representatives of two faiths meet at the field. This is very interesting, since Russia is a multinational, multiconfessional country”, said Roman Teryushkov, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region.

According to the imam of Muslim Religious Administration of the Moscow Region Rafail Khamzin, this play is to be the key to friendship between Orthodox and Muslims in the region. “Holding such tournaments is very remarkable as this year we are to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II. Indeed, during the Great Patriotic War, both Orthodox and Muslims fought together defending their Motherland.”

It worth noting that for a long time Muslims and Christians in the region have good relations. Religious organizations provide joint assistance to people in need, organize various educational projects, and support sport events. And this time they themselves have become participants in the competition.


The friendly match ended with a score 6:3 in favor of Muslim Religious Administration of the Moscow Region. But this was only the first game; the parties agreed to hold rematch.


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