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More than 200 thousand Muslims will celebrate Eid ul-Fitr in Moscow

More than 200 thousand Muslims are expected at the Eid prayers at the mosques of the capital on June 4. For instance, the Moscow Cathedral Mosque is expected to receive up to 130 thousand worshipers, reports the Agency "Moscow".

In addition, the Historical Mosque and the Memorial Mosque "Shuhada" on Poklonnaya Hill will gather another 25-30 thousand people.

From 5 to  thousand people are expected at two additional sites in the landscape park "Yuzhnoe Butovo" and the football field in the Brateevsky cascade park.

Other religious organizations have also prepared sites in the Yardyam and Inam mosque complexes in the Otradnoye area, as well as in the Sokolniki park.

Meanwhile, in the suburbs of Moscow over 100 thousand believers are expected to pray in 49 prayers areas.



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