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Militants prepare provocations in Crimea

Mosque's minaret

Source : islam.ru / 03 Mar 2014

The representative of “Crimea Front” defense organization, Konstantin Knyrik has warned against provocative actions preparing by militants of "right sector" to escalate tensions in Crimea. It has been known that militants of the right sector are planning to conduct provocative actions against the worship places of Muslims.

Representatives of the "Front" urged residents to preserve civil peace in the autonomy. They emphasize that they are ready to defend the interests of all the inhabitants of the peninsula , regardless of nationality and faith. "Cossacks of Crimea announced their readiness to protect mosques and religious buildings to prevent provocations. We have reliable information, that the radicals of the "right sector" is preparing provocations against Crimean Tatar religious places. We will not allow them to fulfill their plans"- said Knyrik.

He also denied the allegations of involvement the " Crimea Front " in seizing of the House of Trade Unions, where the press information center was located.


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