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The memory of the outstanding theologian was honored in Kazan

Kazan, July 20, 2022

Events in memory of Valiulla Hazrat Yakupov, an outstanding religious figure, educator, publisher, founder of the Iman publishing house, teacher, historian and imam-hatib of the Apanai mosque were held in Kazan, reports.  

Yakupov tragically died 10 years ago. On July 19, religious and public figures visited the grave of Valiulla hazrat at the Samosyrovsky Muslim cemetery in Kazan, read the Koran and made dua. The event was attended by Chief Kazy of Tatarstan Jalil Hazrat Fazlyev, Imam-Khatib of the Apanay Mosque, Director of the Iman Publishing House Niyaz Hazrat Sabirov, Mufti of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Tagir Hazrat Samatov, Director of the Madrasa named after the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam Ilyas Hazrat Ziganshin.

The conference “The contribution of Tatar theologians to the development of historical science” within the framework of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bolgaria was held the same day in the Apanaevsky Madrasa.

The participants of the event noted that Valiulla hazrat was a remarkable person, a religiously educated man and at the same time actively engaged in social activities. As is known, Valiulla Hazrat was a Muslim theologian, Russian religious and public figure, who made a great contribution to the process of unification of Muslims not only in Tatarstan, in Russia as well.



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