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Le Pen attacks pork substitute menus in French schools

Substitution food menus are 'violation of the principle of secularism,' says Le Pen

Source : AA / 05 Apr 2014

France's National Front party will prohibit pork substitution in menus in school canteens in French municipalities under its control, says the Party leader Marine Le Pen Friday in Radio Luxembourg (RTL).

The leader of the anti-immigrant National Front party (NP) said that they will prohibit substitution meals provided for Muslim and Jewish students on municipalities headed by National Front because it "is a violation of the principle of secularism."

"We will not accept any special religious measures in school food menus," said Le Pen.

Last Sunday, the FN achieved historical success by winning in more than 11 towns in local elections.

"There is no reason to bring religion into the public sphere," said Le Pen. Unfortunately, "often secularism is not applied," she added. She attacked the Socialist party (PS) and Union for Popular Movement (UMP) mayors accusing them of turning a blind eye on this matter. 

Human rights and anti-racism associations and Muslim associations are expected to respond to Le Pen's statements.

The far-right leader was sentenced on Thursday to a fine of €10,000 by the court of Bethune, in a case known as "fake flyer" where flyers, showing a picture of far-left rival Jean-Luc Melenchon calling for "Arab" votes in Arabic, were distributed by FN workers during 2012 legislative elections



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