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Japanese wrestrers arrived in Dagestan

Members of the Japanese national wrestling team training in Makhachkala. Photo: RIA Novosti
Members of the Japanese national wrestling team consisting of 4 sportsmen, including medalists of the Olympic Games have arrived in Dagestan for training purposes, RIA Dagestan reports. 
Japanese free wrestlers themselves expressed desire to come to Dagestan, because they consider the republic as the best place to prepare for the high-level competitions.
"We are for the first time in Dagestan. No doubt, the best wrestlers in the world train here. Therefore, this training with your athletes will do us good," coach Kenichi Yumoto said.
Japanese well-known wrestler Yumoto in the past rose to the podium of the Olympic Games in Beijing, for winning bronze in 60kg weight category, but several years later the Japanese wrestler was awarded silver medal after the disqualification of Ukrainian Vasily Fedorishin.
Another celebrated wrestler among the visiting wrestlers team is Ray Higuci, silver medalist of the Olympic Games-2016 in Rio de Jainero. In Brazil, the Japanese lost only to the Georgian wrestler Vladimir Khinchegashvili.
In Dagestan, the Japanese wrestlers will remain until the end of the Dagestani wrestlers' camp, which on 16 July will start its training for the August Russian championship. 
The training will traditionally be conducted in the capital's Olympic Training Center. The Japanese team also plan to visit it. Meanwhile, the Asian wrestlers are training at the Gamid Gamidov and Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadulayev wrestling clubs. Abdulrashid already invited the Japanese to taste the best dishes of Dagestan cuisine and the secret behind local wreslters' success - the Dagestani khinkal and shashlik.
It is becoming a tradition among foreign wrestlers to train in Dagestan prior their important competitions. Earlier Chinese women's wrestling national team have also visited the Republic.

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