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Israeli schemes to demolish 450 houses in Jerusalem

Israeli schemes to demolish 450 houses in east Jerusalem.

Source : Abna.co / 30 May 2013

Islamic-Christian Commission for the support of Jerusalem and holy sites warned on Tuesday of Israeli schemes to demolish 450 houses in east Jerusalem.

The Commission noted in a statement, that the Israeli authorities demolished more than 25 thousand homes in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

It reported that 40 houses were demolished in occupied Jerusalem since the beginning of 2013. Almost 300 Palestinians including 200 children were made homeless as a result.

The Israeli decision to demolish 450 houses in occupied Jerusalem reinforces the Israeli systematic scheme to Judaize the holy city and deport its native people and blur its Arab and Islamic character in order to make it the “eternal” capital of the Jewish people, the commission said.

The commission Secretary-General, Dr. Hanna Issa, said that the Israeli demolition policy is a collective punishment that violates the human rights laws.

The Israeli demolition policy appeared since 1967 under various pretexts including security reasons, being built without permits or near Israeli settlements, and violating Israel's housing policy, he explained.

He pointed out that Israel uses British emergency law of 1945 to demolish Palestinian houses, despite the fact that this law ended with the end of the British Mandate of Palestine.


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