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Israel forces wound 2 Palestinians

Palestinian women and children cry during the funeral of Audi Naser, who was killed in an Israeli air strike

Source : Presstv / 15 Feb 2013

Israeli forces have shot and wounded two Palestinians near Gaza’s border with the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The incident happened on Thursday near an Israeli fence east of the town of Beit Hanun, AFP reported.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for Gaza's Health Ministry, said one of the victims was in grave condition after he was shot in the chest, while the other was in moderate condition.

A spokesman for the Israeli Army claimed that several Palestinians had damaged the Israeli fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

Thursday’s shooting brings to 53 the total number of Palestinians injured since a November 2012 truce.

The November ceasefire came into effect following an eight-day-long Israeli offensive that killed more than 170 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Under the truce agreement, Israel is required to allow Palestinians to enter what it had previously declared as a 300-meter-deep no-go zone on the Gaza side of the border.

Farmers have been allowed to move up to 100 meters from the border, but Israeli troops open fire at the Palestinians they claim have gone further than that.


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