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At the historic Miqat Mosque

The Miqat Mosque was built by Caliph Umar bin Abdulaziz when he was the prince of Madinah.

Source : Arab News | 20 Oct 2012

The Miqat Mosque, also called Aaba Ali, is one of the most noticeable spots in Madinah. It is the station for pilgrims from the Prophet’s city and pilgrims passing through it.

At this place, they wear their ihram, the two pieces of white cloth that each male pilgrim must wear prior to performing Haj or Umrah, and make niyah, the intention of performing Haj or Umrah in Makkah.

This mosque has many names, such as Miqat, Aaba Ali, Al-Shajarah Mosque (tree mosque) and Al-Mu’ris Mosque.

The mosque is located within the blessed Aqeeq Valley and is 14 kilometers away from the Prophet’s Mosque.

The mosque was built by the Caliph Umar bin Abdulaziz when he was prince of Madinah and renewed during the Abbassid and Ottoman eras.

It was very small, then built with mud and stones, until late King Abdul Aziz ordered it to be expanded and renewed.

With the increasing number of pilgrims every year, the mosque became a large station for pilgrims.

It is built now on 6,000 sq. meters and consists of two groups of corridors separated by a wide, open space. It can accommodate up to 5,000 persons.


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