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Hajj 2018 organisers held final meeting in Makhachkala

Dagestani Hajj organisers held final meeting prior to Hajj departure with the participation of government officials in the conference hall of Makhachkala's Bashlarov Medical College. 
The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Conscience, Interaction with Religious Organizations of Dagestan Magomed Abdurakhmanov, First Deputy General Director of "Airport of Makhachkala" Oleg Kokovin, Head of the Department of Customs Procedures and Customs Control of Dagestan Customs Tagir Bektagirov, Chief Expert of the Federal Bailiff Service in the Republic of Dagestan Shapi Magomedov, representatives of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Dagestan, General Director of "Marwa-tour" Bulat Kurbanov, assistant to the mufti of Dagestan Magomed Magomedov, as well as the heads of flights departing for hajj this year. 
The event was opened by the head of the Committee for Religious Affairs, Magomed Abdurakhmanov, who briefly described the joint work done by the representatives of the authorities, the clergy and the tour company Marwa-tour on the organisation of pilgrimage in 2018. "We jointly conducted a number of meetings under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Dagestan Ramazan Jafarov, including the last retreat at the Makhachkala airport, where we got acquainted with the process of preparation for the departure and arrival of the Dagestan pilgrims. Today we are holding a final meeting on Hajj and I hope that this year the pilgrimage will be held at a high level, as all departments have given maximum efforts for this," he said. 
In order to ensure the safety of the Dagestani pilgrims, the chairman of the Dagcomreligion called upon all leaders and their assistants try to prevent the communication of our pilgrims with suspicious people while their stay in Saudi Arabia.
Head of "Marwa-tour" company Bulat Kurbanov updated the audience on the readiness to send pilgrims to the holy lands. "To date, more than 90% of Dagestani pilgrims have received visas, the rest will receive in the coming days. Departures are planned as early as August 1 and will last two weeks. This year, pilgrims will go on several programs: "combined" - the flight from Makhachkala to Dubai by plane and then by bus to Medina, and "direct" - the flight from Makhachkala to Medina. Back Dagestan pilgrims will return the same way," - he said.
Bulat Kurbanov also noted that for the first time this year all the leaders and their assistants, who will serve the Dagestani pilgrims, were selected through appropriate testing.
Deputy head of the Makhachkala Airport Oleg Kokovin noted that the level of hajj organization in the republic is growing from year to year. But, according to Kokovin, there are a number of problems that can not always be handled. "One of the main problems we face more often is the delay in the flight. It leads to the disruption of the work schedule, both of the delayed flight crew and of other scheduled flights. Therefore, please treat this issue with due attention and bring it to the pilgrims consideration," he said.
The representative of the airport also noted that this year will also have to face such a question as accepting more pilgrims than the terminal can accommodate. "We know that pilgrims will return on airplanes with a capacity of 300 people. The airport is not ready to receive so many people at the same time. Therefore, while some people will pass through the terminal, another part will have to wait for their turn in special buses. We will try to use all available premises for comfortable reception of pilgrims," Kokovin assured.
Representative of Dagestan Customs Tagir Bektagirov addressed the management of the tour company and group leaders with a request to inform all pilgrims in advance about the rules of passing customs. According to Bektagirov this will avoid delays in the passage of customs control at the airport. This information can easily be found on the website of the Dagestani customs, the official said.
Representatives of the Border Guard Service and court bailiffs drew the attention of the meeting participants to those issues which may delay or restrict pilgrims from traveling outside the country.
Mufti's Assistant Magomed Magomedov thanked all the leaders and their assistants on behalf of the mufti of the republic, Sheikh Ahmad Haji Abdulaev, and wished them successful work. He also expressed gratitude to the representatives of various republican and federal agencies for their annual assistance in organizing the pilgrimage for the Dagestan pilgrims.
At the end of the meeting all interested persons asked questions to representatives of government and tour agencies and received appropriate answers.

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