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Haj phone-in service begins Sunday

The program is handled by a group of Saudi women who work in the ministry and its city hospitals here.

Source : Arab news / 13 Sep 2014

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia will launch a phone-in service on Sunday focusing on prevention of viral and infectious diseases.

The service, ‘Saha Ziyufur Ar Rahman’ (Health for the guests of Allah) will be formally launched in the presence of senior health officials of the ministry at its call center in the capital.

An official from the Ministry of Health said the service will be available on the toll free number 8002494444 which will greet the caller who will subsequently be directed to the medical officer concerned. The service in Arabic is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Interested parties can also contact the call center via Twittersaudimoh or for clarifications on health matters pertaining to Haj.

“We have a team of experts who will give instant replies to callers seeking medical advice during their pilgrimage to the holy cities,” the official said, adding that the medical team comprises consultants, cardiologists, medical specialists, pharmacists and dentists.

The program is handled by a group of Saudi women who work in the ministry and its city hospitals here.

He recalled that the ‘Hello Ramadan’ program during the holy month of fasting was a big hit and he hoped that this service would also attract a large number of pilgrims wishing to avail themselves of the ministry’s services.

“We assure all callers strict confidentiality of the information provided during their telephone inquiries,” he said, adding that men suffering from chronic ailments such as diabetes and hypertension are free to ask questions about their medicinal dosage and ways to store their insulin during the pilgrimage, while women could inquire about vaccines and matters concerning their menstrual cycle and ways to cope with it during the pilgrimage. 

The official said the project mainly targets local pilgrims with families. “We have a special team of women consultants of whom the women callers can ask their questions freely.” 

Dr. Mona Awad, consultant and gynecologist will advise on the first day pregnant mothers who will be performing Haj this year. Dr. Khalid Al-Nimeir, cardiologist, will take over on the second day. He will have as his focus, heart patients whom he will advise on precautionary measures to be taken during the pilgrimage.

On Tuesday, nutritionist Maha Al-Assaf will provide information on a healthy, well-balanced diet which can prevent food poisoning, constipation and indigestion.

Dr. Nasreen El-Sherbini, consultant for infectious diseases and viruses, will answer questions related to the prevention of viral infections on Wednesday while Dr. Ahmad Al-Abdullah, consultant of orthodontics and facial bones, will field questions on Thursday.


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