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Google drops Wilders’ anti-Islam Gmail account

Wilders presenting his anti-Islam sticker

Source : Dutchnews.nl / 31 Dec 2013

Email system Gmail has blocked an account set up by Geert Wilders to distribute an anti-Islam sticker, the Dutch politician claimed on Friday.

‘Unbelievable but Google has blocked the account islamsticker@gmail.com. So Mohammed Rabbae’s complaint was successful,' Wilders said, using the microblogging service Twitter.

He was referring to a complaint about the sticker by a lobby group Landelijk Beraad Marokkanen led by former GroenLinks MP Rabbae. However, according to tech website Techzine, Google's systems work largely on automatic pilot and there is a good chance multiple complaints about the address had been received, leading the system to automatically shut it down.

The sticker is a play on the Saudi flag and says in Arabic 'Islam is a lie. Mohammed is a criminal. The Koran is poison'.

The politician claimed the sticker was not meant as an action against Muslims as the majority of people of this faith is not violent.


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