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GIS to guide pilgrims, worshippers in Makkah

He said a GIS user can within seconds identify the streets leading to the Grand Mosque

Source : Arab news / 14 May 2013

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities branch in Makkah said that SCTA is developing an application for a geographic information system (GIS) to guide pilgrims to places of their lodging and how to move around to perform the religious rituals.

Abdullah Al-Sawat, executive director of the branch, said during a training session that targeted 20 employees of the branch, that these courses aim to develop the skills of workers in the tourism sector to achieve the visions of Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of SCTA, to educate and develop the staff and promote local tourism.

He said GIS will help employees of the branch to be familiar with the applications of SCTA, including information, statistics and other details to provide a better service to visitors and worshippers.

Essam Khundaneh, a GIS expert, said GIS is an important system for all sectors. “Its leading role in the day-to-day operations and planning as well as analysis of information related to the work environment is essential.”

He added: “By using technology, one can take advantage of the possibilities the program provides to best serve tourists and worshipers coming to Makkah, and enable them to perform their rituals easily and safely.”

He said a GIS user can within seconds identify the streets leading to the Grand Mosque, as well as the state of traffic along the way.

“A person can also use the system to locate hotels and all details needed in this regard,” he added.

GIS can be used to exchange information between the authorities, he said, as well as interacting with the various development projects established to support the development of tourism.


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