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Female project of Crimean Muftiyat - the best in Russia

Educational project of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol "Faydaly Ilim" is recognized as the overall best project at the VI All-Russian Congress of Muslim Women Organizations held under the theme "Social Situation of a Muslim Woman in Society" in Moscow.
Within the framework of the congress, representatives of the women's wing of the Crimean Muftiyat were awarded with the Cup of "The Best Muslim Women's Organization of the Russian Federation-2018".
Representatives from thirty four regions of Russia took part in the forum. The Republic of Crimea was represented by theologian-psychologist Zeineb Bairova, teacher of the foundations of Islam and defectologist Lilya Seitmemetova and Crimean Muslim blogger Niyara Nagaeva.
According to Zeyneb Bairova, the theme of the congress is very much relevant today, as by choosing an increasingly active position in society, Muslim women should develop and implement social projects, engage in charity, participate in the political life of the country. This kind of activity is aimed at creating, improving the living conditions of others, solving psychological and social problems, and providing assistance to the unprotected strata of the population.
"Among Muslims, the opinion prevails that a believing woman has no right to be socially active. All-Russian Congress of Muslim Women's Organizations, in turn, is an ideal platform for discussing the issues of the position of a Muslim woman in the society, her participation in the social life of the country, as well as the promotion of cooperation between women's Muslim organizations aimed at combating religious ignorance," Zeyneeb Bairova said.
Within the framework of the program of the All-Russian Congress of Women's Muslim Organizations, a scientific-practical conference "Social Situation of a Muslim Woman in Society" and a number of round tables on various topics, in particular "Social activity of the Muslim woman and her contribution to the development of the state", "The Muslim woman and her participation in politics", "Migrants in Russia: the role and significance of public organizations" were held. Political and public figures were invited to participate in the round table discussions, as well as specialists dealing with migrants' issues in the Russian Federation.
On the final day of the congress, the conference "Blogging as a method of socially useful and patriotic work in Russia" was held, attended by successful Muslim bloggers and specialists in the field of PR as well as leaders and activists of public Muslim organizations. The purpose of the conference is to analyze the technologies of social networks impact on Muslim youth, to develop effective ways of working with social networks as a method of socially useful and patriotic work. One of the global tasks of the conference is the formation of a positive image of Muslims in the Internet space through the development of individual and Islamic social organizations' blogs.

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