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Exhibition of Muslims Shrines paintings opened in Tatarstan

Bavly, February 11, 2021

The opening of the Muslim Shrines exhibition took place in Bavly. The exposition presents works by artists from Tatarstan, Chuvashia, and Moscow, the newspaper “Glory to Labor” writes.

According to the head of the Bavlin branch of the World Congress of Tatars, Farida Ziyarova, the exhibition reflects the spiritual and material heritage of the Tatar people, which is closely related to Islam.

The paintings depict the pages of history and the cultural code of the people. And, according to Ziyarova, it is very important to convey all this to the broad masses.

“Mosques, religious buildings are an important layer of our culture, but we rarely think about it. And this exhibition gives us this opportunity”, shared the head of the Bavlinsky branch of the World Congress of Tatars.



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