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Evening of Dagestani culture at "Ramadan Tent"

Dagestani delegation

Source : / 16 Jul 2014

"Ramadan Tent" - an annual cultural and charity action organized by the Council of Muftis of Russia in the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the organizers, ‘Ramadan Tent’ located near Moscow Memorial mosque on Poklonnaya Gora gathers for iftar people of different nationalities from near and far abroad, representatives of different social groups and even religions.

On Saturday, July 12, an evening of Dagestani culture was held at “Ramadan Tent”, which was attended by members of the clergy of the republic, Dagestani diaspora of the city of Moscow, representatives of other nationalities and religions, scientists and artists.

Imam of a Juma mosque of the city of Makhachkala Muhammad Mamathanov opened the event by reading verses of the Holy Quran, and welcomed all the guests of the event. Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Dagestan in Moscow Magomed Sagidov, Imam-Khatib of Moscow Memorial mosque Shamil hazrat Alyautdinov, Assistant Chief of Staff of the Russian Muftis Council Asoev Hezbollah also gave their speeches during the event. As a part of a cultural program guests were shown a film about the culture, life, history of Dagestani peoples.


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