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Emine Erdogan met with Muslim women in Japan

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan visited the Mosque of Tokyo in Japanwhere she met with Muslim women.

Emine Erdogan, who made a speech here, expressed her happiness to be in Japan, a friendly and brotherly country. She thanked the Japanese people and officials for their hospitality and said that mosques are "places where the expatriate ends" for Muslims.

Emine Erdogan emphasized that the Tokyo Mosque is more special because of the superior tolerance and kindness of the Japanese people. "I have learned that 150-200 people visit this place every day. This interest has pleased us all. I congratulate our Religious Affairs Organization", she said.

Emine Erdogan stated that it is very pleasing to have such services in Japan as the rise of anti-Islam in the world, "The most effective struggle against Islamophobia, peace and tolerance is to represent the religion of Islam in the best way", she said.

Emine Erdogan pointed out that they had a great role in promoting Islam correctly.

"As you know, one of the places where they try to injure the religion of Islam is the question of the status of women. Some cultural practices that we never approve are portrayed as the religion of Islam, and the drama of humanity in which women live in certain societies is attributed to our religion. We have to tell very well. We should follow the footsteps of the ladies who wrote their names in Islamic history".


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