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Electronic queue for Hajj pilgrims adapted in Dagestan

Representatives of Dagestani Hajj mission
Source : / 06 May 2014
New electronic system for sending pilgrims to Mecca has been developed in the republic of Dagestan. According to the system, every Muslim who wants to perform Hajj this year will be recorded in an electronic list of pilgrims. 
A representative of Dagestani Haj mission, Ahmad Habibov said that because of the reduced quota allocated to Dagestan not all recorded Muslims will be able to perform Hajj this year. The rest part of Muslims will get such an opportunity next year since the pilgrims will be sent based on queue.  
According to Habibov, all municipalities should draw up lists and collect necessary data about Muslims, who want to perform Hajj and pass them to the Spiritual Administration of Dagestani Muslims. Then the employees of the administration will enter the date in an electronic database. This only applies to those who perform the pilgrimage for the first time.
This year Dagestan recieved a quota of 6 thousand people. This is the largest quota in the country. In total 16.4 thousand Muslims will be sent to Mecca this year. In 2013, some 6,4 thousand Dagestani pilgrims performed the pilgrimage. Reducing of the quota is due to the fact that the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started the reconstruction of the mosque of al- Haram, which as expected to last for about six years.

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