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Dagestani Mufti congratulates Muslims with Ramadan

Chairman of Dagestani Muslims Spiritual Directorate, Mufti of Dagestan Shaykh Ahmad Haji Abdulaev

Dear brothers and sisters!

Let me to congratulate all with the favorite month of the Muslims - the holy Ramadan!

The evidence of the transience of this life is the speed with which runs a year of our destiny. Day is divided into five parts: from one prayer to the next. Happy is he who divides his time on earth to perform the duty imposed upon him by God from one task to the other. Believer’s year stretches from Ramadan to Hajj, from Qurban Eid sacrifice - to the recommended fasting of Muharram, from Muslim New Year to Mawlid in Rabiul-Awal, etc. It isn’t our merit that life is arranged so happy for us. Therefore, we must commend the boundless praise to God for He has created us Muslims.

Ramadan unites and makes us equal. Regardless of income in this month fast is observed by rich and poor alike. Wealthy Muslims feeling the hunger and need of poor families become more generous to others. Earthly goods are given to us for a while and it is important to properly dispose of them. We mustn’t forget that we possess just what we gave to the needy.

Dear Muslims, Ramadan is the month of purification, not only of the human body, but also to cleanse our souls of their defects. For example, during the fast we must particularly be careful of what we say. Don’t judge your brothers and sisters because one’s words can hurt most, not to mention about our accountability for it before God. The word is a weapon that can humiliate or elevate. Perform good acts, call to others to improve the morality and nobility through your own examples.

I wish all to use this time only for good, spend more nights in worshipping the Creator, reciting the Qur'an and pleasing the family.

May God grant you lot of effort and patience! May Allah accept all good deeds of Muslims! Amin.


Chairman of Dagestani Muslims Spiritual Directorate

Mufti of Dagestan



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