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Dagestani Mufti congratulated Muslims with 12th of Rabiul Awwal

Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi

Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad-Afandi, congratulated Muslims of the country on the occasion of the 12th of Rabiul-Awwal - the birthday of the Best of the Creations of the Most High, the Prophet Muhammad. 

As-Salamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

Dear brothers and sisters!

On behalf of all Muslims of the Republic of Dagestan and on my own behalf, I sincerely congratulate the entire Ummah of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad ﷺ on the day of "Mawlidu al-Nabi" - the birthday of the Prophet, sent down as mercy for the worlds!

This day, in which the Prophet was born, the Almighty Allah made as the day of joy for all Muslims.

In the hadith of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ it says that on the Day of Judgment we will be with those whom we sincerely loved in this world. May Allah bless us to experience such a love for His Messenger ﷺ so that on the Day of Great Testing we will be next to him under the banner of “Liwaul Hamd” together with his righteous companions, true theologians and scholars!

I ask the Almighty to give us more opportunity to praise the Prophet ﷺ not only this month, but always. I also ask the Creator of the worlds for the sake of His Beloved ﷺ to preserve peace and tranquility in our Homeland, to protect our land from all misfortunes, troubles, disagreements, interethnic and interfaith conflicts.

Wassalamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


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