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Dagestan people send 500 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbass

Makhachkala, June 18, 2022

500 tons of humanitarian aid on 26 trucks left Dagestan for Donbass. The initiative was organized by the Insan Charitable Fund. It is already the 5th humanitarian convoy and the largest one for the Dagestan Muftiyat charity initiative.

The humanitarian aid includes basic necessities: flour, rice, buckwheat, pasta, sugar, sunflower oil, bottled water, as well as clothes, medicines and hygiene products.

Magomedrasul Ahmedov, Director General of the Insan Fund, said that a very wide range of people were involved in the preparation of such a large-scale initiative. According to him, the residents of all districts and cities of Dagestan responded to the action.


“The entire Dagestan people from all cities and regional centers took part in the organization of this humanitarian aid. They helped both with food and financially; among them there are patrons who have supported us since the first days of the special military operation, when the Insan Fund opened a point for receiving humanitarian aid,” Akhmedov said. He thanked everyone who “took part in the collection, organization, sending of humanitarian aid, as well as the drivers who agreed to go to the hot zone.”

A total of 26 cars left for Donbass: 14 departed from Makhachkala, another 12 cars from other cities - Kizlyar, Khasavyurt, Kizilyurt, etc. The entire convoy was accompanied by law enforcement officers. In Donbass, the representatives of Donetsk national republic administration ate to meet the humanitarian delegation.


Earlier the Insan Fund had already sent 11 trucks with humanitarian aid in four stages, the total weight of which was about 300 tons.



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