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Dagestan Muftiyat ruling on Juma prayer

Makhachkala, April 9, 2020

The press office of the Muftiyat of the Republic of Dagestan shared the message in which noted the worsening of the situation with coronavirus infection in the region. By April 9, according to the department of Rospotrebnadzor for the Dagestan Republic, 13 new cases of infection were detected and the total number of affected reached 57.

In this regard, the chairman of the Dagestan Muftiyat, Shamil Alikhanov, addressed the believers and urged them to perform all prayers at home so as to avoid the coronavirus infection that has spread throughout the world.

This concerns Friday prayers as well. The believers were asked not to come to mosques, rather perform dinner prayer at home.

“We ask the imams to limit the performing of juma prayers by a small number of people - no more than forty men in one mosque”, added Alikhanov.


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