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Dagestan Muftiyat provided madrasa for treating COVID19 patients

Izberbash, May 12, 2020

The Muftiyat of Dagestan Republic continues supporting health workers who at this difficult time are fighting for the lives of people, risking their own lives.

In just a few days, assistance was provided to a considerable number of municipalities of the republic. The city of Izberbash did not go unnoticed either. The city's central hospital was visited by the Deputy Mufti Abdullah Salimov. The theologian met with the Head physician Jabrail Magomedov and handed over five oxygen humidifiers, required medical supplies, a quartz device and 170 grocery sets for doctors of the medical institution.

In addition the Dagestan Muslim clergy provided a madrasa building for doctors struggling with coronavirus infection. The building is located next to the central mosque of the city.


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