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Dagestan to host the VII Republican contest of Quran hafiz

Makhachkala, June 1, 2022

The VII Republican contest of Quran hafiz to be held in Dagestan Charodinsky district on June 4-5, website reports. The prize fund of the competition is one million rubles.

The competition is held in five categories:

- reading by heart the 30th part of the Quran;

- recitation by heart of any five juz of the Quran;

- recitation of the entire Quran by heart;

- beautiful and correct reading of one page of the Quran;

- the best and most accurate reproduction of the Dagestan reading of the azan.

The Republican competition will pass in two stages - qualifying and final. The final will take place on June 5. On this day, the organizers plan to hold a Majlis (gathering) dedicated to honoring the winners. Prominent scholars and theologians of Dagestan will take part in it. The guests of the event will have chance to participate in the contest and win a ticket to Umrah and other valuable prizes.



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