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Dagestan authorities to prevent destruction of an ancient mosque

Makhachkala, August 12, 2022

Dagestan authorities intend to prevent the disappearance of a historic mosque in the village of Khryug, Akhtynsky district, the government of the republic reports on its Telegram channel.

As noted, the Juma mosque with a minaret is in critical condition, and its destruction may affect residential buildings and social facilities located nearby.

The restoration of a monument of cultural heritage of federal significance was discussed under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Dagestan, Muslim Telyakavov.

In order to start emergency response work as soon as possible, they consider to transfer the monument for a year to the use of the Derbent State Historical, Architectural and Archaeological Museum-Reserve.

"However, the transfer procedure will take some time, but for now, first of all, in order to avoid further destruction and casualties among the local population, it is necessary to start emergency work in a short time,” Telyakavov said in the message.

The head of the republic, Sergei Melikov, also supported the idea of ​​carrying out emergency work, Interfax reports. He instructed to resolve this issue as soon as possible and start restoration work at the expense of the museum’s extrabudgetary funds.

The mosque is a rare example of the religious architecture of Southern Dagestan. The minaret was built in 1700-1701, it reflects the features of the defensive architecture of the Lezgins.



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