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Chelyabinsk to prepare Imams for Ural mosques

First madrasah in the Urals for training Imams will open on July 6 in Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, Deputy Head of the public relations department of the regional government Ilya Anosov said.
"Rasulia" madrasah is set to become the first religious educational institution in the Urals to train Imams for mosques of traditional Islam, it will deliver personnel not only for the Chelyabinsk region, but also to neighboring regions," Anosov said to Interfax on Friday.
At the same time, the religious students will receive a secular specialty at the Chelyabinsk Agroengineering Academy in parallel. "This will largely solve the issue of earnings for Imams, most of whom will go to work in rural mosques, where Imams have very small salaries, but they can also work in a secular specialty," the official explained.
Teachers of religious disciplines in madrasah will be employees of the Islamic University from Ufa. The educational institution will open in the framework of the all-Russian scientific and practical conference "Rasulov Readings: Islam in the History and Modern Life of Russia", which will be held for the seventh time in Troitsk, in the homeland of the famous Sufi sheikh Zainulla Rasulev (1833-1917).
This year more than 600 representatives of the clergy and scientists from the regions of Russia and Kazakhstan are expected to participate in the Conference including the direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad - Sheikh Abdurrazak Assaidi.

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