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Chairman of Georgia Muslims: country has problem of democracy

Flag of Georgia

Source : / 25 Sep 2013

According to the chairman of the Georgia Muslims, Tariel Nakaidze, the legislation of Georgia has no specific law in connection with the construction of minarets. So we can make a conclusion that all minarets and mosque of the country were built illegally, "Tbilisskaya Nedelya" news agency reports.

"There is no relevant law, and if the authority of the country has destroyed the minaret of Chel town, they must destroy the other minarets and mosques, because they were built on the same principle. I think that if the minaret was built legally, it would still be destroyed, because the country has no issue of law, but the problem of democracy. The majority of the population are christians and the state authority does what they want, "-said Nakaidze....     


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