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Campaign against terrorism and drug addiction held in Chirkey

"Teach young people about spiritual values"​​
Source : / 14 Apr 2014
A campaign against terrorism and drug addiction took place in the village of Chirkey of Buynaksky district of the republic of Dagestan. 
The event is conducted annually and attended by all residents of the village and respected guests.  
The main objective of the event is the promoting of tolerance, healthy lifestyle, cohesion and unity of the population of Dagestan. Spiritual leaders, the respected elders, public and political figures, directors of schools, universities, invited representatives of ministries and departments, heads of municipalities of the republic were addressing the gathered during the event.
In their speeches they raised such problems as terrorism and drug addiction, as well as remind the sayings of Sheikh Said Afandi (may peace of Allah be upon his soul), who was strongly against violence and called people to live in peace.

"The basic idea of ​​all the speakers was to ensure that all those responsible for the education of the younger generation ( parents, teachers, mentors) should pay more attention to this important cause - to teach young people about spiritual values​​", - said the director of the educational institution Magomed Batirhanov.


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