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Bulgarian Islamic Academy awards first Doctors degrees

Bolgar, July 24, 2019

Six dissertations will be defended at the Bulgarian Islamic Academy in Tatarstan in September. It was announced by the Vice-Rector of the Academy for scientific work Abdullah hazrat Adygamov. Now the Academy runs the summer school for the entrants.

“Upon the finish of the school we will accept 10 doctoral students and 25 postgraduates. This year we will have the first defenses of dissertations and six of our doctoral students will receive the degree of “Doctors of Islamic Sciences”, he said.


Abdullah hazrat also noted that the majority of dissertations are related to the heritage of the Tatar people. "One of the doctoral students is studying the works of Shihabutdin Mardzhani, and there is also a dissertation related to the legacy of Shaikhulislam Hamidi", Adygamov added.

In the end of June the Academy hosted a conference of the dissertation council where six candidates for the degree of Doctor of Islamic Sciences defended their theses.


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