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The books of the Russian Muslim scholars are presented in Saudi Arabia

The Student Festival of the peoples of the World started in the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia on the 27 of February. More than 90 countries from all over the world take part in it. The Russian Federation at the festival is presented by the students of the Islamic University of Medina from Tatarstan.

In particular they presented the books of the publishing house "Khuzur" of the Religious Muslim administration of Tatarstan.

The visitors of the exhibition were mostly impressed by the six volumes of selected essays of the well-known Tatar theologian Shihabutdin Mardzhani, issued for his 200th anniversary. In total there were presented about 20 publications of the Russian Muslim scholars.

The festival was organized by the Islamic University of Medina in order to create favorable conditions for spiritual and cultural development and creative interchange of university students. It is planned that each country will tell about the culture and national traditions of its people.

The exhibition will run until March 9.




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