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Bolgarian Islamic Academy is to hold online summer school

Bolgar, April 15, 2020

The Bolgarian Islamic Academy plans to hold a summer school online for the applicants, reprted Tatar-inform referring to Rinat Nuriev, the executive secretary of the Admission board of the Academy.

 “The ten-day course is aimed at preparing applicants for the entrance exams”, said Nuriev. “In connection with the self-isolation regime, we are ready to hold this summer school remotely.”

He noted that summer school will help to increase the knowledge of applicants in Arabic language, Islamic law, Islamic dogma, interpretation of the Koran.

“First, we hold entrance testing to evaluate the knowledge of future students on the basics of Islam and the Arabic language. Based on its results, we form groups according to the level of knowledge of the Arabic language. When the applicants finish the summer school, we conduct the final testing”, said the executive secretary of the Admission board of the Islamic Academy.


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