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Australia’s Aborigines turning to Islam

Increasing numbers of Aborigines leaving Christianity are turning to Islam via the writings of Malcolm X.

Source : World Bulletin / 24 Dec 2013

A report recently released from an Australian source has noted that more and more indigenous Aborigines are leaving Christianity for Islam.

According to Adam Possamai, a professor in the sociology of religion, the number of Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander Muslims increased from 600 to 1000 between 2001 and 2006. This figure indicates a 70-80% increase in the conversion rate and correlates with the increased conversion of Aborigines to other religions as well, as more and more leave Christianity.

Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service quoted Prof. Possamai saying that many Aborigines who ‘convert’ to Islam don’t actually see their religion change as a conversion, but rather a reversion, because they hold the belief that they are going back to the faith of their ancestors, who had been in contact with Muslim Indonesian and Afghan merchants since the 1700s.

He also noted that the conversion rate corresponds with the increase of ideas origination from the American Black Power Movement of the 1960s, especially those of Black Muslim activist Malcolm X, many of whom are inspired to convert via his writings.


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