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Aussie Muslims threatened by wave of Islamophobia

Source : Presstv / 25 Sep 2014

A fresh wave of Islamophobia has swept through Australia, threatening the country’s Muslim community as they witness a rise in racially-motivated hate crimes, Press TV reports.

Community leaders have urged Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to condemn Islamophobia in the country, after reports of Muslim women being verbally abused and mosques defaced.

A number of Muslim figures in the country have also reportedly received death threats.

On Wednesday, Australia’s grand mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, as well as other religious leaders called on the Muslim community to exercise restraint and reject the ISIL Takfiri cult's call for Muslims to indiscriminately kill Australians.

Earlier this week, Australia announced that it was deploying armed security forces to guard the country’s parliament after it allegedly foiled a plot by militants linked to ISIL Takfiris in Syria and Iraq to carry out “public executions.”

The rise in hate crimes targeting Muslims in Australia comes after the government announced plans to introduce new anti-terror legislation in parliament.

The new laws would make it illegal for an individual to deliberately counsel, promote, encourage or urge a terrorist act while police would be also granted powers to secretly search the homes of suspects.

On September 18, 15 people were arrested after some 800 state and federal police forces raided more than one dozen locations in Sydney.

The Australian government says that up to 60 Australians are fighting alongside the ISIL Takfiris operating in Iraq and Syria, while another 100 are actively working to back the terrorist group inside Australia.

Observers believe the US and its allies, including Australia, are directly responsible for the rise of Takfiri terrorist groups such as ISIL in the region because of their interventionist policies, particularly in Iraq and Syria.


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