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Association of Russian Muslim entrepreneurs adopted new charter

Russian Congress of Muslim businessmen was held at Marjani mosque

Source : / 2 July 2013 

Russian Congress of Muslim businessmen was held at Marjani mosque, the press service of Tatarstani Muslims reports. The congress was attended by representatives of businesses from different regions of Russia: from Ulyanovsk and Penza regions, from Mordovia and Mari El republics. The total number of delegates was 60.

Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin who gave his speech first, urged delegates to participate more actively in the work of the association and to conduct their business on the basis of the criteria of piety.

Then the President of the Association of Russian Muslim businessmen Radik Ghafurov told about the purpose of the meeting and offered to vote in support of a new charter of the Association of Russia Muslim entrepreneurs.

Delegates unanimously voted in support of the document, which includes new points such as the creation of an institution of the co-chairs and the right to vote for candidates of the association.


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